A clean well lighted place analysis sparknotes

A clean well lighted place analysis sparknotes

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Rumor has it that he tried to hang himself, he a clean well lighted place analysis sparknotes once married, he has a lot of money, and his niece takes care of him. SummaryLate in the early morning hours, in a Spanish cafe, an old man drinks brandy. However, when readers look for deeper insight, they can find how meaningful this story is. The truth is buried underneath the storythe emotional darkness, eventual isolation, and existential depression caused by the nada, the nothingness.Emotional darkness is the first component that must be unfolded when analyzing the theme of the story.

The symbol of an empty, meaningless life, emotional darkness, surrounds the old man and the older waiter. Apparently, the old man attempted to hang himself the previous week, but was stopped mid-suicide by his niece. The older waiter and younger waiter debate the possible cause.Meanwhile, a soldier walks by with a young woman, presumably out beyond curfew. Watching the old man from afar, the two waiters return to their conversation about the his attempted suicBetter Together. Never miss a a clean well lighted place analysis sparknotes story with yahoo.comas your homepage.

Every new tab displays beautiful Flickr photos and your most recently visited sites. They discuss the fact that he tried to commit suicide the week before, but that it could not have been over anything important because he had plenty of money.The old man asks for another brandy and one of the waiters brings it to him. The two waiters discuss their customer further, saying his niece found him hanging himself and cut him down to save his soul, and that without a wife he must be lonely.One of the waiters is younger than example of a comparative essay introduction colleague is, and expresses impatience to cloSorry, your browser is not supported.

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