Research paper on depression in college students

Research paper on depression in college students

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Depression, one of the most common of the diagnosed mental disorders, is troubling the college students in an increasing rate. Psychologists define depression as mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with everyday life for an extended period of time. Most of the college students fail to notice that they are afflicted by depression, which in turn greatly affect their academic performances.

It is imperative that these students be aware of this disorder in order to survive their university lives.First, it should be known to all that depression is caused by many factors instead of believing that it is caused by a one-time event such as failing an exam. Depression among college students may be rooted on their inability to pression Affects College StudentsHow Depression Affects College StudentsNikki M. Even the student that seems most at ease with their new lifestyle will often confess to moments of missing their familiar high school friends, family and other comforts of home.

A study by UCLA reports that more than 25-30 percent of college freshmen say they feel overwhelmed most of the time in the beginning research paper on depression in college students of college. Some students, however, find themselves feeling much more than simply overwhelmed. 200 college seniors surveyed, the numbers has increased 50% since the 1970s. Unthinking depression has its peak in females research paper on depression in college students the ages of 18-40, and for males between 21-40, emphasize that depression occurs at all ages.

The differElectronic Research AssignmentCollege Students and DepressionCollege Students and DepressionCollege students face many adversities as they transcend their collegiate careers. Depression is a major factor that haunts students since the first day they walk into their first lecture. It is extremely alarming that in 2009, the American College Health Association found that 9.2 percent of college students at all types of institutions reported being diagnosed with depression, and 9.4 percent with anxiety (Fogg.

B14-B15). However, most researchers believe that this statistical percentage is much higher. What exactly is depression. High school students shifting to college often encounter obstacles to settling in with new people, a new city and an overall new environment. This change can be very dramatic for some and can often lead to depression.:students are no longer interested in activities that use to make them happy. Difficulty concentrating in school: College comes with greater responsibility and therefore students are usually overloaded with research paper cover page example apa work.

As a result, they feel overwhelmed and defeated. Depressed students have a hard time starting to study and struggle to concentrate once started. Rec.

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