Parents and childrens sports

Parents and childrens sports

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Nearly 40 million wnd play organized team sports in the US. For many of them, that means practice multiple times a week (sometimes late into the night), weekend games, and stiff competition to win a coveted spot on the chikdrens travel team or private club.It might mean driving hours to a single game or flying around the country for tournaments. Hard enough are the tasks of helping the childlearn how to handle the ups and downs of competition. But perhaps mostchallenging are the demands on your own coping skills - learning how to manage emotions that are repeatedly tested under trying conditions.As a parent, you experience arush of positive emotions when your child triumphs, a parents and childrens sports senseof emptiness when they lose.

This emotional process can almost becomeaddicting. Photo: Mark Peterman for The Wall Street Journal. He rhapsodized about the championships his teams had won in their first two years sportx operation. sporgs Too much money, too much parent involvement, and too many brokenhearted -year-olds. (Not to mention too many well-meaning adults who have no clue about all of the above.)AdParents Ruin Sports for Their Kids by Obsessing About WinningBeing on a team teaches children teamwork, sacrifice, childrems other great lessons—which can all be negated if adults are too focused on the score.

But as I look back over a decade parents and childrens sports a half watching my sons play sports, I have to confess the dirty truth: I wanted to win.

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